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Loan Against Property

A loan against property or a mortgage loan from Econotech is a convenient way to fund your business or meet your personal needs. We can help unlock the hidden value in your property to offer you a loan against property.

You can borrow as little as Rs. 1 lakhs to as high as Rs. 20 crores
Eligibility of upto 70% of property market value
Borrow for tenures of as long as 5 years

Personal Loan (including Holiday loan, Pay day loan, Festival Loan)

A Personal Loan can finance your needs without having to wait for capital to accumulate.

Holiday Loan

We at Econotech helps you providing the holiday loan to visit and create memories to your dream destination at easy repayment terms

Loan amount from Rs 1 Lakh – Rs 20 Lakhs

Repayment tenure upto 1 year

Pay Day Loan

A payday loan (also called a payday advance, salary loan, payroll loan, small dollar loan, short term, or cash advance loan) is provided to overcome daily cash crunch. The loan amount in pay day loan can be provided at Econotech to as high as Rs. 200000 to be repaid maximum in 30 days time period.

Loan amount from Rs 50 thousand – Rs 2 Lakhs

Repayment tenures upto 30 days

Festival loan

Is the unavailability of funds dampening the festival celebration? To get away with this, we at Econotech provide easy source of funding your happiness and celebrate in style with your beloved family.

Loan amount from Rs 1 Lakh – Rs 5 Lakhs

Repayment tenure upto 1 year

Marriage loans

Weddings have always been a thought provoking affair. The effort that goes into the planning - hotel booking months in advance, jewellery shopping for different occasions, wedding invitations, deciding on the caterers and much more. You may plan your destination wedding too by joining with us.

Loan amount from Rs 1 Lakh – Rs 15 Lakhs

Repayment tenure upto 1 year.

Business Loan

A Business Loan or Commercial Loan from us can help you set up or expand your business. We understand that business finance is essential for existing firms in different phases of expansion, and thus we make procuring a business loan in India easy and simple. Our flexible business finance offerings come with terms that scale up to your needs.

Short Term loan

Short term loan can be useful in case you are not able to obtain credit from a bank for a longer tenure. We, at Econotech, provide the short term loans for a shorter period of time for less than a year for the amount.

Equipment Finance

Econotech provides Equipment Finance to allow you to purchase a wide range of equipment from heavy machinery to office equipment at easy terms and conditions.

Fund based Working Capital

To meet out the working capital to run your business; we provide the working capital to enable you run business in an effective manner and smoothly.

Loan amount from Rs 1 Lakh – Rs 25 Lakhs

Repayment tenure from 6 Moths To 1 year.

SME Loans

We at Econotech SME Lending recognise that SMEs play a crucial role in the Indian economy. We also understand the importance of financing for SME growth.We understand that your financial needs may be both varied and time critical. We have thus developed an in-depth understanding to deliver express financial solutions for a variety of SME business types with our distribution across India.

General Eligibility Criteria
Salaried and Self Employed Professionals
Sole Proprietors, Partnership Firms, LLP and Private/Public Limited Co.
Minimum age requirement is 23 years at the time of taking the loan and maximum 60 years or retirement at the time of maturity
Good credit rating score/report in credit bureau
Minimum 2 years in business in an industry with a positive net worth (for Self-employed) or 3 years’ work experience (for salaried individuals
The company’s profit after tax (PAT) for the last two years should be positive
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Clean record in terms of past loans and statutory payments.